Yesai and maria mazmanian foundation

Building a Better World through Education


The Yesai and Maria Mazmanian Foundation supports:
  • high performing Armenian and Cypriot youth in reaching their full potential and in their efforts to give back to the world in the future
  • the development of youth in the two most underdeveloped regions in Armenia
  • the global arts scene and more specifically Armenian and Cypriot art

Our vision

The Yesai and Maria Mazmanian Foundation aims to build an interconnected and collaborative global community of exceptional individuals

The YMMF Scholarship applications are now open for the 2024 - 2025 academic year.
Apply by 12th of July.

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recent EVENTS

YMMF Fundraising Dinner for Artsakh Refugees 

October 17, 2023 @7:30 pm – 11:00 pm

Lusin Mayfair, 16 May Hill, London, W1J 8NY

Annual YMMF Careers Fair

October 7, 2023 @1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

E.J. Safra Lecture Theatre, King’s College London, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Focus Areas

Education and

  • Provide development opportunities to Cypriot and Armenian students by providing scholarships and mentorship
  • Improve higher education in Armenia

Socio-economic Development

  • Promote socio-economic development in Armenia by improving education, building community infrastructure and encouraging sustainable development    

Arts and

book, reading, literature-856151.jpg
  • Promote Armenian and Cypriot culture and heritage, including art, music and cinema.

Impact Stories

Suzie, Boston, US - London Business School (LBS) MSc Financial Analysis

Having lived and studied in the United States for a few years until 2020, I faced a difficult situation as I had to leave the country due to not being a US resident. I was willing to pursue advancement in education and career, and that is when I started seeking advice from YMMF Co-founder Sarkis Mazmanian. Sarkis provided extremely helpful guidance regarding the possible next steps and scholarship opportunities. After a number of useful discussions and a donation by YMMF, I applied and was accepted at London Business School (LBS) for an MSc in Financial Analysis and I have now been offered a position as an M&A Investment Banking Analyst at UBS in London. I am very grateful for both the mentorship and donation by YMMF, which were key aspects in finding my way from a very difficult situation.

Michael, Yerevan, Armenia - Kings College London – BSc in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)

Having spent all of my teenage years in the Czech Republic, I repatriated to Armenia at the beginning of 2021 and spent a number of months developing AI-driven industrial solutions as an intern in a local tech company. My realisation of the potential of Armenia’s tech sector and its importance in Armenia’s development, coupled with my love for studying Computer Science, inspired me to study AI at university. After being admitted to study Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) at KCL, I started searching for funds to finance my studies and was very grateful to receive a donation from YMMF.