As per its constitution, approved by the Charity Commission, the Yesai and Maria Mazmanian Foundation provides scholarships to students of Greek Cypriot background and of Armenian heritage.

While we hope to include students of additional backgrounds in the future, our limited funds given our status as a new charity means that we need to initially start with this limited scope.

Starting from this year, YMMF’s university selection criteria for scholarships is based on the YMMF European University Ranking.

We will be considering university applicants from the top 25 English universities included in our ranking, however priority will be given to students that are attending or hold an offer from one of the top 10 universities on the list.  

The Foundation Trustees retain the right to provide scholarships to students accepted at other UK or international universities as they deem appropriate.

YMMF Program

The YMMF Scholarships are usually a commitment to 3-4 exceptional students every year of at least £1,000 per year. The recipients are also invited to join the prestigious YMMF Program. The Foundation evaluates each recipient every year before renewing their scholarship although it retains the right to not do so.

Click here to see the students that are or have been a part of the YMMF Program.

Application Process

1. Online application: applicants must fill in this application form. The application deadline is at 23:00, 12th of July. Please note we highly recommend completing the application in one sitting as the answers might not get saved. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions at

2. Interview: eligible and exceptional applicants are invited for a video interview with two members of the Foundation Selection Committee shortly after the application deadline. 

3. Decision: reached and communicated to applicants before the end of August.