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Our Story

Brothers Sarkis and Aram Mazmanian were lucky in life. They were able to study in the UK, one of the leading educational hubs in the world, which allowed them to succeed in life. This would not have been possible without the continuous support of their parents Yesai and Maria Mazmanian.

The Yesai and Maria Mazmanian Foundation (YMMF) was set up in 2021 by the two brothers to honour their parents for helping support their studies. The main aim of the Foundation is to support less privileged Cypriot and Armenian students to study at some of the top universities in the world, mainly in the UK, and provide those students with equal opportunities that they themselves were privileged to.

As education costs continue to increase every year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to study in the UK and we hope our Foundation can provide support to at least a few exceptional students.

A number of years ago, Sarkis Mazmanian and Lilit Mughalyan were amongst
a group of friends visiting Shirak and Lori, two of the northern regions of Armenia considered as the most deprived in the country. It was clear that there was a lack of good quality education and infrastructure to provide opportunities for the local youth population and avoid their migration to Yerevan or abroad. After going on a second trip to investigate these areas in more detail, which included visiting more than 20 local villages and witnessing the regions immense natural beauty and potential, it was decided to work on the further socio-economic development of these two regions.

The Yesai and Maria Mazmanian Foundation looks to develop Shirak and Lori, mainly focusing on Gyumri within Shirak and the villages located on the Vanadzor – Tblisi highway within Lori, focusing on impact projects that will help transform the two regions.