YMMF will provide Scholarships from a select list of Universities for 2022. This group is made up of a list of 8 of the Top UK Universities. These are:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. University College London
  5. London School of Economics
  6. University of Warwick
  7. Kings College London
  8. London Business School
To find out more about our University selection methodology click here.

The Foundation Trustees retain the right to provide scholarships to students from other UK or International Universities as they deem appropriate.

2022 Scholarships

The Foundation has decided to provide two £1,000 scholarships to two students for 2022. 

Application Process

Interested individuals will be required to email to express their interest. YMMF will then provide them with the required application form and essay requirements. Upon submission of the application, a selection interview will be conducted.

Application Deadline

The Application Deadline is June 10th 2022. Interviews may be conducted after this date.

Year 2022-2023 Scholarship outcomes

Following an interview process four successful candidates were selected.

Candidate profiles coming soon.

Year 2023-2024 Scholarships

Information on year 2023-2024 Scholarships to be announced in May 2023.

Scholarship applications for the academic year 2022-2023 have now closed